Welcome to Cafe restaurant In Irsel.

‘Dineren In Irsel’

Welcome to café restaurant In Irsel. Enjoy the wonderful concept of unlimited dining at a fixed price. you pay €26,- per person and for children under 12 pay €1,50 per year of life. You can order one dish at a time per person. Is your table ready for the next dish? Then our staff will take your next order and you can continue to enjoy our delicious creations. We wish you a pleasant and tasteful evening.

‘a La Carte In Irsel’

If you’re short on time or perfer a la carte then a la carte In Irsel is perfect for you. You can choose a 2 or 3 course meal from our appetizers, main courses and desserts on the menu. We will adjust the size of the portion to a regular dish, serve it with fries and salad. So you can still taste the delights of In Irsel in a slightly different form.
1-couse a la carte In Irsel €16,50 2-course a la carte menu In Irsel € 21,- 3-course a la carte menu In Irsel € 24,50


Gorgonzola with stewed pear and walnut* Beef carpaccio with pesto and parmesan Wrap with crab, onion, schrimp and chive mayo Tomato soup with fresh herbs* Onion Soup with croutons and bacon Smoked salmon with tomato-cucumber salsa Greek salad with fetacheese, olives, and tzatziki* Puff pastry with chicken ragout Prawns with garlic

Main courses

Spinach cheese croquettes with In Irsel dip* Red mullet with white wine sauce Burger with barbecue sauce and lettuce Spaghetti with mushrooms and truffle* Plaice fillet with hollandaise sauce Turkey kebab with garlic sauce Arugula risotto with parmesan* Fish of the day from the chef Steak with truffle sauce


Berry parfait with blueberry sauce Tiramisu with mascarpone and ladyfingers Stewed apples with sorbet Cinnamon cake with  fig compote Praline ice cream with caramel sauce and whipped cream Cheese board with port syrup

Every Dish can be ordered with Fries or Risotto

The starters and main dishes can be ordered until 10 pm, the desserts until 10:30 PM.

Do you have allergies? Let us know and we’ll be happy to help and advise with our customized allergy card.

*= vegetarian